Inspired and influenced by the works of 20th century minimalist Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, Westec’s newest prodigious product, the Kazimir sliding door system is a beautifully minimal, streamlined glazing solution delivering style, quality and performance without unnecessary complexity.

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Taking cues from the artist’s focus on shapes and their relationships, the Kazimir’s clean lines, subtle curves and European-inspired styling ensure profound feelings of light, time and space and superior performing sliding doors designed locally and specifically to meet and perform in challenging Australian conditions. Large panels for design flexibility and flush sill technology with seamless indoor/outdoor transitions are practical, easy to clean, and, combined with single or double glazing ensure high performance insulation for extra comfortable homes.

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The Kazimir sliding door system’s total flexibility ensures dreams can be turned into reality. Combined with Westec’s passion and experience, liveable areas are maximised through endless design options and possibilities including 90 degree corner openings, corner or cavity sliders that disappear when not required and doors sliding from both ends.

Minimal visible aluminium and invisible seals deliver a high quality, aesthetically exquisite solution, available in a wide range of powder coat or anodised finishes with limitless design choices.

The Kazimir sliding door system’s low profile aesthetic and unsurpassed design flexibility produces superior, bespoke glazing solutions for all types of projects and residences, ensuring unsurpassed views, stunning facades and a beautiful quality of life through seamlessly transitions between inside and outside spaces of your home.

From the design process to fabrication and installation, Westec’s customised service ensures products to compliment any project irrespective of the size and detail involved and assuring the highest standards in revered, quality products from around the world.

Take for example this light-bathed, majestic beachfront Sorrento residence – a home that seems to be suspended in air thanks to the consistently bold use of glazing. From the front elevation, the unparalleled extent of glazing incorporated into the home is strikingly apparent with some of the glass panels weighing 500kg.

The building’s unique curved shape with a perfectly uniform radius all the way around its perimeter needed extraordinary levels of detail to maintain the required precision.

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Other remarkable glazing highlights include the balustrade extending out from the front of the house just a stone’s throw from the ocean, with 14.28mm toughened laminated glass requiring specialised engineering to meet the challenging design and environmental conditions.

A range of glazing work was also carried out in the home’s interior, notably the astounding glazed frameless spiral staircase, the triple laminated glass floor area and all internal glass doors.

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The home built by Spadaccini Homes was voted WA Building Home of the year $3m and above Award, was awarded both the HIA and MBA Australian Home of the Year with Westec taking out the individual honour of the 2018 Design Award National Winner. In fact, every home with Westec Door and Windows, has won significant industry awards. Westec themselves have earned every single industry award they’ve entered.

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