There’s nothing quite like the ambiance that a fireplace creates – the crackling of the wood, the warm, inviting glow and the peace and serenity that comes from being mesmerized by the hypnotic flames. However, in most parts of Australia, fireplaces are usually only enjoyed for a few months of the year, that is of course unless you’ve chosen an electric fireplace for your home.

An electric fireplace is the natural choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace but does not wish to use gas or burn real wood. Add to this, the innovation and technology that electric fireplaces offer including realistic log fire displays to mood altering multi-coloured lighting options, and the ability to create the appearance of a fireplace without any heat –  an electric fireplace becomes the perfect choice for a  fireplace that can be enjoyed all year round.

With edge-to-edge glass screens available in 50”, 74’’ and 100’’, the Ignite XL Electric Fireplace offers a flawless panoramic view of dazzling flames without the costly adage of a chimney or a gas line. The Ignite XL is the perfect piece for luxury apartments or building structures that cannot accommodate further construction.

The Ignite XL is also a brilliant choice for eco-friendly clients. Considered the fireplace of the future, Electric fireplaces produce no harmful gas emissions and can be operated with clean energy like solar power. With an effective fan system that propels warmth evenly around the room, the Ignite XL can seamlessly heat up to 35m2 and its sleek elegant visage transforms the ambience of the room even when not in use.

The Vivente Electric Fireplace comes in 3 impressive sizes from 750mm to 1500mm and has a dynamic visual advantage. With customisable back panels and a sleek design, the Vivente is an entertaining, beautiful piece. The standard model alone includes 4 viewing configurations and the patented Revillusion flame technology adds to the visual depth of the contemporary firebox. The firebox has a built-in customisation option that includes 8 ambient lighting themes, controlled remotely through an app. This revolutionary app also controls the powerful fan system. The most engaging aspect of the Vivente is its ability to produce a visual flame without warmth for that stunning aesthetic on warm nights. This engaging technology is also available in the compact Evo.

For an even more convincing flame the Optimyst Electric Fireplace comes with a shockingly realistic Optimyst flame, smoke intensity control and even sound effects. The surreal experience is innovative and fully remote controlled. With a beautiful log display and zero gas emissions, the Optimyst is eco-friendly and safe for families with young children and pets. Its spectacular visuals make it difficult to distinguish from a real flame and come in both 500mm and 1000mm sizing.

Specialising in gas, electric and Real Flame fireplaces, The Company of Fire are able and experienced in all things fire. Able to customise, design, and install your fireplace they take care to explain each process as it happens so that you understand your fireplace and how to maximise its potential. With in-house tradesmen and specialists, they are the one-stop shop for any of your fireplace needs.

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