Take a Look at the Lopi ProBuilder 72 GS2 Gas Fireplace

Designed with an emphasis on sophistication, the Lopi ProBuilder 72 GS2 gas fireplace has found its place in this luxurious single-level town house in Altona North, Victoria. The builder was looking for a wide linear fireplace with a minimalist design that would complement the luxurious aesthetic of this home, whilst being able to install a TV above the fireplace, and effectively utilising the wall space between the two living room windows to create a beautiful focal point for the living room.

This amazing townhouse adopts a contemporary design, evident in the contrasting white walls and light furnishings set against the dark wooden floors, black window frames, and dark accents in the furniture. In addition, the utilisation of various windows allows for an influx of natural lighting, minimising the need for down lights during the day and enhancing the luxurious and modern aesthetic of the home. The Lopi ProBuilder 72  gas fireplace seamlessly complements this aesthetic with its black frame and fireback liner, while providing additional lighting through the long line of tall flames and under- floor accent lighting that shines through the installed platinum glass floor media.

Equipped with Lopi’s GreenSmart 2 (GS2) system, the ProBuilder 72 offers complete control over your fireplace via the included GS2 remote. With the GS2 system you can control the gas output of the unit over 6 intervals to adjust the flame intensity and therefore the radiant heat expelled from the unit. In addition, you can manage the convection heat being output from the unit by controlling the 6-speed quiet fans. The GS2 system also features our Smart Thermostat function, which when activated allows the fireplace to modulate the flame to maintain the desired set temperature. You can also control the visual aspect of the fireplace, by changing the intensity of the floor bed lighting over 6 levels.

This designer fireplace also features Lopi’s Side Vent CoolSmart Wall Kit system, which allows the installation of a TV above the fireplace at a reduced distance and without the need for a mantle. The CoolSmart Wall Kit system redirects the heat away from the TV’s sensitive electronics whilst the fan is off, using a series of flexi-pipes within the wall to guide the natural rise of the convection heat, expelling it through vents on either side of the wall.

Additional features of this install include our clear fire safety screen, included as standard in all Lopi gas fireplaces, our Driftwood Fyre-Art ceramic logs, platinum glass floor media that allows the accent lighting below to shine through and a black painted fireback liner.

The ProBuilder 72 GS2 gas fireplace is the perfect choice for consumers looking for a fireplace that is also a great statement piece. As one of the largest linear units on the market, with over 1.9m of viewing area, the ProBuilder 72 produces the longest line of magnificent tall flames without overbearing heat, creating the perfect focal point for any room it is installed into.

For more information on the ProBuilder 72 GS2, contact Lopi on 1800 064 234 of visit the Lopi website www.lopi.com.au 

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