How do you turn a tiny home on a small block into a functional and spacious modern family home? Ask Sydney Custom Builder, Tass Construction Group who recently transformed this home into a bold, bright and unique 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home.

The key objectives for the project were to make a small space feel large for their growing family whilst taking full advantage of natural light. Working in collaboration with Queensland based architects Vokes & Peters, an inspired design was created which included incorporating multiple voids and angles and extensive built-in storage.  Leaving only a small portion of the front façade of the original house, the home was expanded considerably into a comfortable family home by going both up and out.

Maximising efficient use of space for storage was essential as well as maintaining a cohesive and relaxing aesthetic. Creatively this team achieved this at the design stage through incorporating a concealed laundry zone and an en-suite hidden in the bedroom panelling ensuring the clever flow of the home remained.

The second storey features straight and spiral staircase designs, decentralising second storey access.

With a nature inspired palette throughout that reflects the bright, contemporary atmosphere, the well placed skylights amplify a glowing sense of space with detailed ceilings.

The new kitchen boasts generous high quality marble countertops, custom cabinetry with shelves and concealed additional features are highlighted by spectacular tiled floors for colourful, retro-inspired style. The dynamic design with open air flow is central to the new living and dining areas on either side.

A beautiful bathroom with gold fixtures and trimmings gives it an understated look of opulence. The intricate tile design with varied textures and materials, elevated cabinetry and side bath shelf gives the bathroom more practicality with a sense of extended space and style.

Thinking beyond the usual boundaries of skirting, moulding fixtures, joinery, panelling and flooring this home is finished with meticulous detail which is a testament to the many years of experience and passion this team has in the high end residential sector and proving that modern contemporary living can be an edgy luxurious family home.

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