Never before has art functioned the way it does in the Lopi 564 Clean Face 35K gas fireplace. Elegant and modern the fireplace features an open viewing window unobscured by grills or louvres. Made up of a ceramic glass front that radiates heat, adjustable halogen lighting and coloured glass, the system provides the appearance of warmth and warm comfort. While gas fireplaces usually look very artificial, the team at Lopi have captured the natural beauty of log fires with the addition of a highly detailed ten-piece oak log set. Accompanied by tall flames and the realistic Ember Glo bed lighting that perfectly mimics the warmth of crackling embers, the fireplace appears as a wood fire. Still, it maintains the safety, convenience and economy of a gas fireplace.

Able to heat to 158sqm, the Lopi 564 Clean Face 35K is ideal for large rooms or homes with an open floor plan. The power of this masterpiece is emphasised when compared to its size. With a width of 972mm and a height of 940mm, it is astounding that such a compact system can heat such a large area. The viewing window of the fireplace is slightly smaller, making it perfectly proportioned to draw attention to the artistic display of dancing flame and true to life Ember Glo bed lighting while modest enough not to dominate the room. Prized and appreciated for its power, it is unbeaten by any on the Australian market. This compact design is only made possible by the ingenuity of the Lopi team and their choice to use gas rather than alternative fuels.

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Another benefit of the gas fireplace is the control it allows. Although perfect for heating large spaces, the system can be managed minutely and remotely to maintain optimal comfort in any room. Paired with the functionality of the GreenSmart 2 Burner System, the fireplace can be controlled smarter and safer than any other. The GreenSmart remote control system uses unique technology to increase safety, comfort and aesthetics by offering various settings, including Smart Thermostat Mode, Remote Blower, Accent Lighting, Comfort Control and Continuous or GreenSmart® Pilot.

In Smart Thermostat Mode, the temperature is regulated through flame control, up or down, opposed to standard systems, which simply shut the flame off to reset. This ensures fuel conservation and maximises comfort with quick results. The outstanding efficiency of the heating system is propelled by quiet fans that can be turned down low to very high or even entirely off, reducing heat, thus allowing the room to enjoy a fire at any time of the year. Such adaptability is perfect for any climate. For those who seek the appearance only of a fireplace, the Accent Lighting system can glow even when the heating system is off.

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The Lopi 564 Clan face 35K is equipped with an impressive 180 CFM Convection fan which means that it can move up to 180 square feet of air per minute, producing a high quality, clean atmosphere in the room and warming our home quicker and smarter. The attention to detail and quality of the components in these fireplaces demonstrate a passion for safety, productivity and efficiency.

Many heating systems are incompatible and inconvenient to place under artwork or televisions; the Clean Face is compatible with the Lopi CoolSmart TV Wall Kit, which removes the need for a mantle and enables you to install things above the fireplace safely. Safety is a focus for the Lopi team, which is also evident in the Clear Fire Safety Screen that protects inhabitants from touching the radiating hot glass behind. An essential feature around pets and young children.

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Through the use of gas and a focus on conserving resources used by the system, Lopi has created a more sustainable fireplace. Meaning you can feel good about heating your home and even save money. You no longer need to source wood, clean chimneys, risk burning your handsto keep the fire going or deal with polluted air in your home. The Lopi 564 Clean Face 35K is thebest of both worlds. The open-faced fireplace creates a gentle, intimate mood that imitates andbuilds on the beauty and mastery of the natural log fireplace.

Combining safety, sustainability and beauty, the Lopi 564 Clean Face 35K gas fireplace is the perfect addition to any retreat, be it a private study or a bustling family room.


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