Creating a beautiful interior is like creating a 3D work of art, it requires immense skill to both visually and spatially combine functionality, colour and texture in a way that works in harmony with the structure, intended purpose of the space and the personalities of those who will occupy it. Left to an amateur it can all go horribly wrong!,  which is why the expertise of someone like Sharon Wiley from Seven Willow Designs is a natural choice for those not born with a natural flair for design. 

As the Principal Designer of Seven Willow Designs, Sharon’s career spans over two decades. Her interior design portfolio is extensive and expressive, creative and intelligent, always focusing on the human experience and sense of place for her clients. 

Seven Willow created this beautiful kitchen for a couple building their dream home in Mt Lawley. Built new to look old and blend with it’s Mt Lawley location, the home features heritage and art-deco influences. The luxurious kitchen perfectly balances classic style with modern functionality and features extensive use of marble that includes marble tiles inset amongst the timber floor.

Perth Interior Designer Sharon Wiley

Sharon’s key strength comes from her diverse exposure to client projects ranging from; International Hotels, The Mining Sector, Heritage and Contemporary Residential, Hospitality and Bars, Heritage Theatre, Aged Care and unique Corporate Fit-Outs, as well as Fashion Design and Set Design for Theatre and Television Productions.

This breadth of industry knowledge brings a deep understanding of the complex interplay of design and performance in both the corporate and personal realm. Her depth of technical knowledge and large and longstanding network of creative, technical and craftsmen brings a vast array of design solutions ready to be applied to people and their needs.


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