Once upon a time, blinds were as simple as placing a piece of fabric or cloth over a window, but industry leader, Luxaflex, has long recognised that a simple approach delivers subpar results; true comfort involves a much more sophisticated and innovative approach.

Thanks to Luxaflex and leading distributors such as Sydney’s A Style of Shade, the process of selecting your home soft furnishing remains uncomplicated but the technology and the results are unparalleled. Step outside the world of simple awnings and blinds.

With the Luxaflex range of ‘Duette’ blinds, you have more control over the ambience of your home. Endorsed by celebrity designer Neale Whitaker, the Duette collection is an aesthetically pleasing choice that offers many visual and economical benefits.

The Duette range has a much broader function spectrum than other blinds on the market. The two main functions of the Duette design are “Daylighting”, which reduces glare but allows natural light to filter into a room without the intensity of unrefined sunlight, and “The Quiet Achiever”, which uses its insulating honeycomb technology to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer maximising comfort and making your home more energy-efficient all year round.

Did you know most of your home’s energy is lost through windows? Research has revealed that up to 30% of total heat loss from your home occurs through uncovered windows. The Luxaflex Duette Architella covered window below on the right demonstrates significantly improved energy savings versus the uncovered window on the left.

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During winter there’s an immediate reduction in radiant heat loss to the cold window glass, and people feel warmer. Here’s how it works: All people and objects give off and receive radiant heat. When significantly more is given off than they get back to cold glass, it can feel like a chilly draft, even if the window is tightly sealed. When people lose enough radiant heat to feel uncomfortable, they will typically turn up the thermostat, consuming energy resources and adding utility costs – but a well-insulating shade can counteract all this. Similarly in Summer the reverse effect is seen. The pockets of air traps and blocks incoming heat, keeping the home cooler inside.

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The beauty of the Duette is its Top Down, Bottom Up uses. The flexibility of this style ensures the right type of sunlight is channelled into your home. For a fuller, softer morning light simply lowers the top of the shade. This ensures privacy and maintains warmth allowing the pleasing morning sun to brighten your home. The Duette is a dynamic solution to the strong Australian sun. During the afternoon when the sun is at its peak, using the bottom-up positions will invite natural light into your home filtering out the harsh heat and glare of the sun.

For home theatres or for next level darkness in bedrooms, the Duette Lightlock shades are the best option. Containing the ease and convenience of the Duette style with the patented Lightlock System they deflect and block incoming light from seeping into the room. Blended seamlessly into the window frame light leakage is prevented, assuring maximum darkness when required, but still allowing the freedom of movement and flexibility of light access the Duette range offers.

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The Duette range is available in a wide selection of cell sizes, colours and styles.

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The expert team at A Style A Shade are on hand to service your home or commercial space. As a family owned business A Style A Shade takes advantage of 10 years of experience to tailor-make traditional or innovative blinds, shades, shutters and awnings to suit your needs.

For an obligation free consultation, or to view the entire Luxaflex product ranges you can visit the impressive A Style A Shade showrooms located in Double Bay and Balmain.


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