Smales Jewellers rich history celebrated in their new Gold Heritage Collection 

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In Western Australian the gold rush began with the first discovery of gold in the late 1890s. News of the gold spread fast and soon gold prospectors were arriving to seek their fortune and the set-up of towns in the dusty landscapes of the Kalgoorlie emerged.

Lonely clusters of tents and rough bough sheds were soon transformed into a booming gold rush town. Hotels lined the main streets and bustling town centres soon boasted butchers, bakers, schools and churches with the completion of the Golden Pipeline, this arid region was given a constant supply of fresh water and an permanent residency for many. 

In 1937, Ron Smales Snr opened Kalgoorlie’s first watch and jewellery repair store in the now historic Hannan Street. The street once a buzzing gold hub, continued to provide a fascinating glimpse into the colourful spirit of the gold rush era that once was. 

It was here the small jewellery store grew from watch repairs to creating exquisite gold nugget jewellery. Nuggets were no longer seen as just gold rocks, but pieces of art, worn as pendants, earrings and rings.  

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Fast forward to 1989 and Ron Smales Jnr expanded the business to Subiaco in Perth. It was here the company established another jewellery and watch studio and introduced Seiko and Grand Seiko to Western Australia.

In honour of their humble beginnings the Smales Gold Heritage collection brings a slice of history into the millennium. 

The collection combines gold nuggets with bespoke Deep Sea Australian Pearls, Kimberley Diamonds and Australian Boulder Opals. Each piece is unique, sourced from Goldfields prospectors and made in Australia with superior quality and craftsmanship. With a range suiting all tastes and budgets, you’re bound to find a golden thread to weave into your own beautiful story.

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