Hamptons style homes instantly conjure feelings of luxury coastal getaways. Renowned as a  destination where wealthy New Yorkers host lavish garden parties and spend their summer vacations, the Hamptons has a unique architectural style that has taken off globally. What is it though that make the Hamptons style so appealing? Below we explore what defines the iconic Hamptons look and why it continues to be enduringly popular in luxury custom home design.

Key Elements of Hamptons Style Architecture

Gabled Roofs
A gabled roof features two sloping sides that peak at the top, forming a triangular shape. The benefits of a gabled roof are the ability to crate soaring ceilings and a sense of spaciousness in the home or create attic space, both of which are common features of Hamptons homes. Additionally gabled roofs create space for dormer windows which are another common feature of Hamptons style homes, adding natural light into the upper levels of the home.

Stone and Timber Cladding
Cladding such as weatherboard is frequently used in the home’s construction, usually this is painted white or a soft grey and you will often find stone columns and cladding complementing the timber cladding on the exterior which adds earthiness and character to the facade.

Hamptons Style Home in Raby Bay

Entry Porches, Verandahs and Balconies
Given the Hamptons’ island location, its not surprising that these homes would be designed to maximise the stunning coastal views and breezes, consequently Hamptons homes often feature balconies, and generous terraces and verandahs, that offer the perfect place for outdoor lounging and entertaining.

Hamptons Style Entry and Verandah

Large Windows and French Doors
Expansive windows and French doors are hallmarks of Hamptons Style homes, allowing in an abundance of natural light. The classic aesthetic of French windows and doors also adds to the Hamptons timeless appeal and helps to create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

French Doors and Windcows Hamptons Style

Referencing both the grandeur and coastal location of the Hamptons,  towers are also a common feature of Hamptons homes – adding character to the classic architectural style and also providing an outlook to take in the sea views.

Hamptons Look House with Tower

Symmetry and Balance
Symmetry is often a feature of Hamptons homes, from dramatic entries to evenly spaced windows and doors, right through to the landscaping, the symmetry creates a sense of order and balance that reflects classic architectural styles. 

Main Features of Hamptons Interiors

When it comes to the interior, the Hamptons style is all about creating a serene, beachside retreat that exudes an ambiance of relaxed luxury, effortlessly combining traditional and contemporary elements to create an inviting, airy, and light-filled space. Here are some of the key elements that define the Hamptons look:

Neutral Colour Palette
Classic, calm and sophisticated, Hamptons homes traditionally feature a neutral colour palette. Whites, beiges and pale greys are complement with accents of muted blues and greens, which together create a sense of tranquility.

Hamptons Style Bedroom

Timber Flooring & Accents 
Hamptons homes often feature luxurious timber flooring, often in wide planks of  light oak or with a  whitewashed finish. The warmth of the timber imbues an organic warmth throughout the home, adding to the coastal ambiance.

Classic Kitchens with Shaker-Style Cabinetry & Pendant Lighting
Expansive and beautiful, a Hamptons kitchen really is the heart of the home. Traditionally you’ll find shaker-style cabinets combined with timber moldings or luxurious custom joinery incorporating extensive cupboard space. As with the rest of the Hamptons home, whites dominate with accents of greys, blues and greens, cabinetry is frequently complemented with marble benchtops often and island benches and you’ll usually find rustic pendant lighting overhead.

Hamptons Style Kitchen

Organic Materials and Textures
Natural materials and textures are a common feature of Hamptons luxury homes – think timber, feature stone, luxurious linen upholstery, wicker and rattan furniture, and jute rugs, all in neutral or earthy tones.

High Ceilings and Grand Spaces
Often constructed on large building sites and acreages, Hamptons homes allow for generously proportioned rooms with soaring ceilings. A common feature of a Hamptons home is a ‘grand room’ which serves as the main open plan living space where families gather to connect during their down time. Finished with large windows, and French doors to take in the coastal ambiance rooms are flooded in natural light, and adding to this skylights are also a common architectural feature.

Nautical and Coastal Decor 
Integrated with sophistication and elegance, Hamptons decor often incorporates subtle nautical elements such as striped cushions, weathered timber, and artwork depicting coastal scenes. Plants in stone and clay pots, bring the outside in, and emphasising the ambiance of relaxed luxury are an abundance of throw rugs, and cushions in soft hues, adding textural interest.

Hamptons Style Furniture
Hamptons is all about luxurious relaxation, think oversized sofas and lounge chairs, coffee tables large enough to incorporate books, candles and coffee mugs and rustic dining tables in oak complemented with chairs upholstered in cream linen. Taking in the coastal ambiance, terraces and alfresco area feature classic cane and rattan furniture.

Classic Lighting
You won’t find any contemporary lighting in a Hamptons home. Lighting is classic in style, ranging from chandeliers to Darlana pendant lighting with wrought iron and brass accents to Hurricane lanterns scattered around interior and exterior spaces. Classic and rustic wall lights are also commonly found in Hamptons interiors.

Why the Hamptons Style Remains Enduringly Popular

The timeless appeal of Hamptons style architecture and interior design lies in its ability to evoke a sense of relaxed coastal living whilst still maintaining an air of luxury and sophistication – effortlessly bridging the gap between classic and contemporary, and making it the perfect choice for Australians building a new custom home on our stunning coastline.

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